We could say that Crackd came descended from the gods. Or that we're made in a lab with super-duper top-secret techy tech.

Sorry to disappoint, but we're nothing but all-natural pea protein to help you cook without eggs.

That's right, it's finally here, the secret to Vegan Yorkshires, gooey plant-based Brownies and a Birthday Cake for your mate allergic to eggs. Wipe that tear from your eye soldier; it's time to get the spatula out.

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This is for
The Ones
Who Can't, Don't
Or Won't
Eat Eggs.

Hola, Baked Vegan Frittata. Tastes so good that you don’t even miss the eggs. @_allaboutgreens showing how it’s done. 🙌  If you fancy baking something this yummy, head over to our website for the full recipe or ask our Crackd community for their t...
❗TUTORIAL TIME❗Black Fried Rice made with Crackd The No-Egg Egg l! You won’t want to miss Chef @kirk_haworth giving us a masterclass on how it’s done🤪Head over to our Youtube channel to check it out and hit that subscribe button!
Hi, I am buttery, creamy, dreamy and topped with fresh berries. 😍  Start off your week better by trying out our Sweet French Toast recipe on our website.