How The
Yellow Bottle
Came To Be.

bakewell tart on white plate with crackd bottle on right side


Bit of a no brainer, to be honest. We've made a plant-based egg that acts, bakes and tastes just like an egg. But - and here's the good bit - it's not actually an egg.

Our story starts with us playing with recipes, sizing up the competition and spending far too long in supermarkets. Our chefs wanted a special something that had an egg's versatility, but was made, not laid.

Powdered eggs are for ration books, not creative cooks, so we had the idea of a liquid ready-to-pour alternative.

Not gonna lie, we might have lost count, but after about 46 different plant-protein sources we decided that peas worked best. It was love at first bite...the other vegetables haven't spoke to us since.

Enter stage right, the UK's first liquid vegan egg.

Yellow crackd bottle

Our Brand Values



Passionate foodies and a connected community are at the heart of Crackd. We care about empowering consumers, sharing ideas and building lasting relationships.



Everyone should have the freedom to make all their favourite dishes without compromise. Crackd is a game-changer, empowering people to push the boundaries of what is possible.



Crackd unleashes the joy in food by bringing creativity and invention to the kitchen. No matter what is cooking, we never lose sight of fun.

started from the bottle now we here
yellow crackd bottleyellow crackd bottle
yellow crackd bottle

Fellow Crackd lover! We are excited to share the news that we have won Product of the Year in 2023. We surveyed 8,000 consumers and was tested by professionals to win the award. This is an established achievement that we are SO proud to be apart of! Started from the bottle now we’re HERE.

At Crackd, our vision is to empower cooking without compromise, which is why this award means so much to us. We’re Crackd The-No Egg Egg, made not laid.

Now you know a bit more about us let's see how you can crack It!

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All you need to d...
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