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We are so delighted to announce that Crackd The No-Egg Egg is now carbon neutral!

With the help of our friends at ClimatePartner, Crackd has calculated, reduced and offset the carbon emissions linked to the production of our product. With ClimatePartner’s expertise, we’ve been thoroughly tested and in dependently verified, so that our CO₂ emissions all the way from cradle-to-grave, to the end of our product life, are measured and offset. The move is just one part of Crackd’s journey to become more sustainable, following the roll-out of our 100% recyclable bottles in 2022.

The carbon neutral label by ClimatePartner confirms that Crackd The No-Egg Egg's CO₂ emissions have been measured, reduced and offset through investment in verified carbon offset projects. Crackd will be offsetting their product’s carbon emissions via a clean drinking water project in Eritrea, Africa, which aims to help communities with free, long-lasting access to clean drinking water.

Find out more about our carbon offset project here:


We are on the beginning of our journey to becoming a sustainable brand. We have already offset our product’s unabated emissions of 88,000kg of CO2; this equates to 428,000 wash cycles at 60 degrees or 32,384kg production of beef! The emissions have been calculated according to the cradle-to-customer plus end-of-life approach.


We are supporting a recognised carbon offset project for clean drinking water. For many rural communities, the struggle to find safe drinking water can take up a major part of a family‘s resources. The   project supports communities who do not readily have access by providing them with long lasting access to clean drinking water.


Since the end of last year our bottles are now 100% recyclable. Simply remove the label and pop into your recycling bin. We will continue to be on a mission to find sustainable packaging whilst keeping our product fresh throughout its shelf life.


The UK food industry produces 9.4 million tonnes of waste each year and as a country we have the highest food waste in Europe. When   food is not recycled it goes into landfill releasing methane contributing to climate crisis. This is why we work with City Harvest to make sure Crackd ends up in peoples homes rather than the bins.

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